Sunday, March 16, 2008


Two days ago I was told by a friend that I am "a defendant" in, what appears now to be a witch-hunt defamation lawsuit (01CC14684; Peters and Freedman v. AHRC; Orange County, CA), against AMERICAN HOMEOWNERS RESOURCE CENTER, [AHRC] . However, I have no idea of what I have done to offend Peters and Freedman, and, no one in their office wants to give me any information, and, I can't seem to access the court website to retrieve the case file; I have never been served with any documents -- I thought in America we have "the right to face our accusers?"

When I called their law office in Encinita, CA., my first contact was receptionist,"Jasmine." I gave her the case number, the county it was filed in, and the name of the parties involved. She had "no idea of what I was talking about," and, refused to connect me with any person in the office who might help me.

So, I e-mailed to their office at

Within an hour I received an e-mail back from Michael G. Kim, Esq. which stated, "You are a defendant!"

I responded, "What am I a defendant to?"

He quickly sent back, "I can't give you any advise -- get a lawyer!"

Just as quickly I sent him back, "I will be in pro per; I believe you have a legal responsibility to speak with me; I am NOT asking for advise!"

There has been no answer from Lawyer, Michael Kim.

So, it seems in someway I have offended the Peters and Freedman HOA lawfirm -- but I have no idea how?

TRUTH is: "The defense against defamation is the Truth!", and all I have spoken of on the AHRC website has been the truth, well supported by facts and the law, and have never mentioned the lawyers, or the law firm of Peters and Freeman.

I have spoken out on AHRC against other HOA attorneys: "Gen" Wangler, Brian Green, Jeff French, Wayne Guralnick, Kendall Berkey, so, I suspect, Lawyer Kim and his cohorts are picking up the gauntlet for all HOA attorneys, management companies, and politicians, such as Assemblywoman, Bonnie Garcia who have been exposed for their illegal, and criminal behavior regarding me, and other homeowners in these, now too many, unconstitutional little American gulags.

It seems they wish to silence us?

I am 67 years old, and spent over a year in jail in (illegal) 24-hour solitary confinement, suffered much abuse -- with a false bogus commitment to a State Hospital by my Public Defender who had no time for my case, had my home taken aways from me, and over $100,000 stolen on a void on the face restraining order by Cathedral City, CA -- the consequence of my speaking out!

I should be silent now!

NOT one government agency was willing to help, or even acknowledge my written letters to them regarding the abuses of me, my family, and others who were being subjected to abuses in Shadowcrest HOA, Cathedral City, CA! Nor have they helped with the complaints of abuse from other homeowners.

I shall continue to speak out on AHRC, and anywhere there is a forum for free speech -- we do still have the First Amendment don't we?