Friday, February 8, 2008


In my view (and that is my view and, therefore, may well be wrong) one of the measures of civilization in a society is to see if its laws derive from ethics or if its ethics (or at least its ethos) derive from laws. In my view, the more civilized a society the more is the former the case. Another measure is vulnerable within the protection of the vulnerable in such a society, something which is closely related.
~Dr. Erich H. Loewy; Associate, Department of Philosophy, University of California, Davis


Attention: Curren D. Price Jr. - Co-Chair

The Assembly Legislative Ethics Committee performs several functions with respect to the standards of conduct applicable to members of the Assembly, Assembly staff and lobbyists. It has authority to investigate or initiate complaints against Assemblymembers for alleged violations of ethics law; it issues opinions on ethics matters and provides advice concerning compliance with ethics laws; and it further conducts ethics training programs for members, staff and lobbyists.

1020 N Street #351
Sacramento, CA 95814
Attention: Kathryn E. Donovan


I am requesting that you investigate this complaint against Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia for violations of the laws of ethics.

The word "ethics" is derived from the Greek word ethos (character), and from the Latin word mores (customs). Together, they combine to define how individuals choose to interact with one another. Many acts that would be widely condemned as unethical are not prohibited by law -- lying or betraying the confidence of a friend, for example.

However some law codes have been incorporated into the public law. All are likely to have some effect on judgments about professional conduct in litigation. Generally, failure to comply with a code of professional ethics may result in expulsion from the profession or some lesser sanction. American Bar Association; Misconduct: Rule 8.4 (d) to engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice.


I am a 67 year old great-grandmother. Most of my adult life has been spent in one form of advocacy or another; I have always been a credit to my neighborhood, and, in my professional working life -- I was primarily a case manager in shelters for homeless men and women, and a child-advocate.

When I moved into a homeowners association and saw criminal behavior, and abuses of women and children, and particularly the elderly, I spoke out -- and suffered the most horrendous consequences.

When I turned to my government for help, and called Assemblywoman, Bonnie Garcia, she ignored the problems, allowed her staff to use me for their own personal agenda of promoting Ms. Garcia -- and with no regard, care of concern of the great harm to me and my family.

DECEMBER 2, 2003: Press Conference in my home, in Shadowcrest Homeowner Association with Pat Cooper, Aide to Senator, Denise Ducheny , Desert Sun Reporter, Kim Trone, documentary film maker, Madeline Hunter-Patterson, and several people from the association. Assemblywoman Garcia was invited. A member of her staff, "Candy" called as the meeting was starting, said she would be there, but never showed up. We were there to discuss several problems of the homeowner association (HOA) life-style.

JANUARY 2004: I approached the Assembly woman's office, and was given an appointment on the 29th of the month with Mary Brhel, (wife of ex-deputy district attorney, Martin Brhel) an aide to Ms. Garcia. Prior to attending the meeting with Mary Brhel, I had an appointment next door at the Cathedral City Police Department with Captain Kevin Connor, and Sergeant Charles Robinson. They had called me in on a ruse, as I would discover months later, telling me they were "doing an investigation of a complaint" I had made against Sergeant Hatfield, for his participation in a false arrest, abuse of process and abuse while in custody. (The Cathedral City Police Department has had a vendetta against me since 1999 when I reported a popular officer, Glenn Haas for not doing his job of setting up a Neighborhood Watch, and in fact, literally "selling out" the homeowners in Shadow Crest HOA. After I made that complaint Haas set out to discredit me in every possible way to his fellow officers, and to the community I lived in. An attorney told me, "You complained against 'The Boy's Club' and they will get you!" Over the years that has proved deplorably true.

When I left this "investigation" I told Connor and Robinson I was headed to an appointment in the Garcia Office.When I went into the Cathedral City office of Bonnie Garcia on that Wednesday afternoon it was with the intent to speak to homeowner association problems in the area - which are horrendous -- with non-judicial foreclosure, selective enforcement of the covenants, illegal fines, violence against woman and children by board members, and other human rights violations.

Meeting Mrs. Brhel was like meeting a stern Boot-Camp Sergeant. It seemed very difficult for her to be friendly. When I explained I wanted help with HOA problems, mentioning that "Hispanics are the most foreclosed on group of people in California," she curtly replied, "YOU won't get very far with that one; they don't live in HOAs!" (How little she knows of HOAs!)

I mentioned the seniors in Desert Crest HOA, in Desert Hot Springs, who were also ignored by Bonnie Garcia, and Senator Jim Batton -- all in their 70's and 80's, who had lost their homes to unethical legal practices; she didn't want to talk about it.

She refused to let me address the problems of HOAs in general. Rather she wanted to hear, and insisted I tell her my "personal" story!

So, I told her all about Shadowcrest HOA, and the problems we were experiencing, including void restraining orders to keep me out of board meetings, my false arrests, stalking and battery by board members, perjury, false and illegal fines, and of course the attempts made on two families for non-judicial foreclosure. Brhel acted rightly, and truly shocked, as do most who hear these stories of out of control HOA boards, unethical attorneys, and greedy management companies.

She asked for the names of all those who were abused in Shadow Crest, and I gave them to her, but I learned later she never contacted any of them.

Mrs. Brhel finally warmed up to me and we talked of work I have been involved in as a case manager and advocate in homeless shelters and with children. When I left she asked if I wanted a bouquet of flowers sitting on the floor beside a desk, and said she would speak to the Assemblywoman and call me back.

FEBRUARY 2, 2004: When I didn't hear from Mrs. Behrl, I called the Garcia Office. Brhel was most abrupt and rude, stating; "You have caused all sorts of problems for the police and other government agencies, and have been arrested multiple times so I have put you on a "Threat List" in Sacramento!" She then hung up the phone on me, after telling me, "never call back!"

I was shocked!

A close acquaintance called the Garcia Office she was was told by Chief of Staff, Richard Harmon, in a most condemning voice, "We had a couple of officers in here who gave us the run down on Sharon Stephens!"

Now, who these two officers ?

The Garcia Office has continued to refuse to give the names of these two officers.

FEBRUARY 3-5, 2004: The conspiracy began between the Garcia Office staff, the Cathedral City Police Department, my HOA Board of Directors, and stretching all the way to the District Attorney's office began.

The proof of this conspiracy is well documented by Cathedral City Attorney, Kendall Berkey in the 65 page Memo of Cost in Case No. 0424575 ROBINSON v. STEPHENS, Riverside Count Superior Court, Indio, CA.

When I attempted to contact Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, telling her was happening, she sent me a rude letter which stated she "could do nothing to help me!" (I still have that letter.)

Obviously when I told Captain Kevin Connor and Charles Robinson that I was going to the speak with the Garcia people, they thought I was going to complain about the police; they were going to make sure I was discredited so as to not be believed.

Later, Sergeant Charles Robinson had me falsely arrested, and then worked in a conspiracy with Shadow Crest Board of Directors, and Deputy District Attorney, Gianguzi to try and have me sent to jail. The judge threw out all of their bogus filings.

All the while, as is documented, Charles Robinson, Danielle Pasqual, Laura Hanlon, Melissa Holcomb, Judy Williams, and City Council Member, Greg Pettis were working in this conspiracy with the Garcia Office to get restraining orders against me, with the ultimate goal of having me put into jail.

It is all documented.

All to save these two police officers from discipline.

When I insisted on "an investigation into the Bonnie Garcia incident." I was served with a bogus TRO, [temporary restraining order], that never went through the court, by Kendall Burkey and CCPD Chief Stan Henry, and from that point forward I was treated as though there was a real TRO in place.

I was not allowed to make any police reports. I was hung up on consistently by dispatchers, particularly Sandra Hatfield and Danielle Pasqual, and threatened with arrest by Sergeant Patton, and other Watch Commanders if I tried to come into the police department to make a complaint. Everyone at the department was sent a memo by Judy Williams, "Do not speak with Sharon Stephens!" (It is documented.)

Williams told me when I tried to talk with her, "We will take no police reports on Shadowcrest!" She added, "The only time we will come for you is if you are be killed, or need an ambulance!" My right to equal protection was totally taken away from me.

All to save the two police officers that went to the Garcia Office and slandered me.

The behavior by the police continued: violations of my civil and constitutional rights were blatant. I was falsely arrested again and abused while in custody by Glenn Haas, and then falsely arrested for not "stepping up on the grass quickly enough!" [I had just been battered by a board member, Jose Liceaga; he went free even though I asked for a Citizens Arrest as soon as the police arrived, and even his witness said he was the perpetrator; I was ignored as the victim.] Police Officers refused to write police reports for me for criminal behavior by board members, and, even for any one who knew me. Two women are witnesses to this behavior and have suffered because of the police vendetta against me.

For months I asked for an investigation, even going to Cathedral City Council, and when I finally "demanded an investigation into the Garcia incident!" both the police department and Garcia's Office, conspiratorially filed for TROs against me on the same day. Both filled with perjury, claiming I was "a threat and dangerous…"

It was FOUR MONTHS since I had been to the Garcia Office, and there were no police reports, no proof, that I had done anything wrong.

Mary Brhel, and Kendall Berkey went so far as to speak with Cindy Uken of the Desert Sun who not only libeled me in her column, stating I had "walked into the office with a jug of brown liquid and threatened them" [no police report and no witnesses?] and, that they "had to put in a $4,000 security door because of me." [In fact, the office was built with that door.] And, that "Bonnie Garcia had spent all day in court with me. " [Bonne Garcia NEVER came to court!] ALL of these statements, printed in the paper, were perjurious and libelous LIES!

Bonnie Garcia did nothing to help correct these lies.

Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia has done nothing to correct this story, or to clear my name. She has NEVER talked to me, but has continued to tell people I am "obsessed with her, and a dangerous threat!" She reported me to the Highway Patrol, and Investigator Olavie came and interviewed me, and found me to "not to be a threat!" I have the interview on tape. That made no difference to Bonnie Garcia.

When a Restraining Orders were granted in court, to both the police, and to Ms. Garcia, against me, through more provable perjury on the stand by Mary Brhel, and police officers, under oath, I was truly cut off from being granted my civil rights and treated as a terrorist criminal by both the police and Garcia's office.

Cathedral City Police continue to refuse to write any police reports for the criminal behavior of their own officers, nor will they write any for the criminal behavior of Shadow Crest Board members.I do not have equal protection, as granted under the law. I have been in the hospital three times due to the emotional duress. I have been battered – even hit deliberately by a board member in his car, while I was on foot, with no repercussions for him, or any board member for these batteries. All of the board members show up in court and support each other in their lies to get bogus restraining order. (These orders are all void, and I am working on having them dismissed.)

The restraining order of Bonnie Garcia is also void on the face, and Commissioner McCoy agreed to dismiss it as such if I would have Brhel and Harmon personally served. One of Garcia's office workers was in court during these proceedings, yet I was still falsely arrested when I went to the Garcia office -- to challenge this bogus, void on the face order, and at a Preliminary Hearing the Garcia staff member lied, and did not bother to tell the court the truth of this being a void order!

I went to jail based on these void orders.

I want Bonnie Garcia's bogus and void order dismissed, and my name removed from the "Threat List" in Sacramento.

Most Sincerely,

Sharon Stephens