Sunday, May 25, 2008

Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, and Cindy Uken's Yellow Journalism

Homeowner requests fair news reporting by the Desert Sun
June 19, 2004

By Sharon Stephens
Cathedral City, California -

The following is a letter to Ciny Uken, the opinion editor of The Desert Sun in Palm Springs, California from a homeowner, Sharon StephensDear Cindy Uken,Re:

Your "story" PHONE, FAX OPEN DOOR TO WOMAN'S 'HARASSMENT' What a slanderous and slanted piece of commentary this is!!! And, you didn't even ask me for my side of the story.

You are a journalist?

Then there are the FACTS:Bonnie Garcia , my local State Representative, was not in court on Thursday. However, she will be on July 19, at 8:30 AM to answer to this blatant SLAPP suit.

Garcia didn't file for these 8 Restraining Orders, using taxpayer's money of over $2,000 until after I said I would "not vote for her, and would tell everyone what she did to me. Now Garcia is using individuals from my homeowner association as her "witnesses." These are men named in my cases against the homeowners association for battering me and other illegalities. These men are her "witnesses"; even though they are being sued right now, and have cases pending in the District Attorney's office for battery. Great guys to associate with Bonnie!

As for the Cathedral City Police, they filed a Restraing Order against me when I demanded an investigation into the Bonnie Garcia incident, where two officers went to Garcia's office and slandered me to her staff. I have a witness, [Madelene Hunter-Patterson.]

They want me to "shut up" about this incident, and, what better way? ALL of the phone calls I made were to make a legitimate police report, and the dispatcher continued to hang up on me, refusing to take the report, or to connect me to an officer who would take the report.

Wonder if the Desert Sun will allow me to answer this piece of yellow Journalism?
I doubt it; they have continuously refused to do stories on real homeowner association problems.

The readers of the Desert Sun need to ask, WHY they sensationalize "stories" that refuse to present both sides of the issue?