Thursday, July 21, 2011

Request For Judicial Benefits

From: Sharon Stephens
Sent:  Monday, July 11, 2012
Subject: Public Records Act
GOVT. CODE §§ 6250 - 6276.48.

Pursuant to the provisions of the California Public Records Act, request is hereby made for documents showing all payments from Riverside County commonly known as "local Judicial Benefits" to Riverside County Judges THOMAS N. DOUGLASS and B. J. BJORKfrom the commencement of such payments believed to be in the 1980's through the present. A yearly summary of "Megaflex cafeteria plan benefits401(k), 457 or other retirement contributions, "professional allowances" and any other retirement contributions, "professional development allowances" and any other Riverside County compensations for each year that the "Local Judicial Benefits" were paid will be sufficient.

Time is of the essence. An e-mail response to containing all available records or a summary thereof will be sufficient to this most urgent matter.

Thank you for your attention to this most urgent matter.


Sharon Stephens