Monday, November 29, 2010


Last Wednesday I appeared in court in Indio, CA to ask that the "void on the face criminal case" # INF054715 against me be dismissed.
When I was unlawfully arrested for allegedly violating an already void order on June 9, 2007, and sent a to jail for more then a hellish year -- mostly in solitary confinement, losing my home, and then spending a year living in my car I set out to have the case dismissed and have been trying to fight this and clear my name ever since. (Keep in mind: Every 1 out of every 100 Americans are incarcerated. -- the highest in the world. The U.S. Department of Justice [1999] estimates at least 10 % of those are innocent.) 

Last Wednesday I appeared before the right judge. (I was sent through four court rooms this morning; no one wanted to hear it as several judges were named in the motion for " ignoring the law.")
The District Attorney tried to have my motion dismissed because it was "too long" - not because my law was incorrect. The judge did dismiss it for "being too long," but then told the DA he was "going to hear it on its merits." FINALLY  I was able to talk,i.e., be heard -- and I did and was able to convince the judge my motion "has merit to be heard and dismissed." 
The judge "dismissed the motion without prejudice" and gave me the opportunity to "pare it down" and just stick with the [false] arrest that began the whole thing and makes everything else void that came after that. I must keep it to 10 pages [court rules]. I want to rewrite it and file next week and this bogus false case against me shall be over.
The Deputy District Attorney left the court room quickly,and I did not get his name.

I went to the DA's Office on the fourth floor and asked the receptionist "Can you please give me the name of
the attorney who appeared in court this morning on my case,  and, what do I need to do to sue the District Attorney?


     The receptionist told me to "sit down," which I did, " and I will get someone for you."

     Within a minute a very rotund man literally strutted off the elevator and standing over me stated loudly and very rudely,"Get out of my office or I will have your probation revoked for breaking the law,  and have you arrested!"

     "What for?"

     "Trespassing [Penal Code 602] and disturbing the peace."

     I reminded him, "I am here on legitimate business -- that is not trespassing. And, this is not your office it belongs to the people, and YOU are the one shouting and disturbing the peace - and -- if you arrest me it will be a false arrest and your office has already done that to me once!! [Rich Twiss and that is why we are in court now.]."

     Morrison continued to threaten me with arrest, and told me at least twice, "YOU are a defendant and cannot be in here!"

     I said, "I am a pro per and therefore opposing council and have a right to know the name of the attorney in charge of my case."

     Morrison needs to read and follow the law.

     When I asked who was his supervisor he told me he did not have a supervisor,  that I should contact Ron Pacheco.

     Morrison became more intimidating in his behavior, and refused to tell me how to make a complaint.

     I became very fearful of Morrison; afraid he was going to physically harm me. I am 70 years old and a heart patient and began to go into an angina attack.

     Two deputies showed up to help arrest me, but they were very nice, telling me "Morrison is our boss and we must do as he tells us to do."

     Indio, D.A. Investigator John Morrison is a bully personified. He is violating the law with his threats and intimidation.

     There is no reason to not be of service to the public wanting to do do legitimate business.

     I shall be making a formal complaint to the Board of Supervisors, Riverside County; The Attorney General, and the Department of Justice, and inquiring about a law suit against the District Attorney's Office.