Friday, December 17, 2010

Misconduct Still In Riverside County District Attorney Office re: Deputy District Attorney, Earl Lee Roberts SB #251043

Today a new judge gave me another opportunity to amend the void criminal  case INF054715 but need to show on the record what was said in court to prove the judgment is void on the face, so need to get the transcripts into the record to prove I was falsely arrested on void judgments by District Attorney Investigator, Rich Twiss.

 The judge did not appear too happy with the Deputy DA, Earl Lee Roberts, SB #251043 who ignored the law,  lied and presented false evidence in his written "Opposition" to my Motion to Dismiss, and in verbal comments during the hearing -- setting up a smoke screen to confuse and deceive the court -- essentially committing  fraud on the court with the written "Opposition" that was just absurd. It had nothing to do with the law of CCP 473  that addresses void judgments, under which I filed, i.e, Attorney Roberts did not even have the correct law; it was just rather bizarre.

Attorney Roberts  tried to insult me -- calling me "self-serving." I wonder if he even  understands what that means and how it would not apply to me. I am only trying to clear my name from the lack of justice of his minoans in the Office of Riverside County District Attorney. How is that self-serving?

The judge did not even address The Opposition  -- it was totally unrelated to my motion --  the judge stayed focused on void judgment law, and ended with what I needed to present the next time. It went very well  and the judge allowed me to talk and get a lot "on the record ." He waited until the end of morning session to hear my motion and he acknowledged the "void case" issue here -- ignored the DAs Opposition --  but he needs those certified transcripts. So, again, my case was "temporarily dismissed with out prejudice."

Attorney Earl Roberts had his own little fellow DA Deputies Peanut Gallery sitting in the back of the court room -- about five or six of them -- vultures  waiting to descend - I suppose to give him "support?" -- but wouldn't it be nice if they learned something from all of this as to what their responsibility is to a defendant to make sure they present a fair trial. Now it is all about wining at any cost.

The road in the legal system is an uphill battle for an elderly, mentally challenged, indigent pro per suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, who has had no legal help and no money to get transcripts. The system needs to change to be more fair-minded.

I tried to do this case without the transcripts using just certified written records because I didn't have the money -- guess I will need to go panhandling on Christmas Day to get the money so as to get  back into court in January with the transcript evidence on my  Second Amended Motion.

BTW: I have my own personal stalker -- "Cory Johnson" is a man who has stalked me and my daughter for years, always directing his taunts at me since this bogus criminal case began, even writing to my neighbors, and harassing Jeanine at work.  We suspect he is a Cathedral City cop, or a board member from our old HOA. Whoever he is he seems to be mentally ill and obsessed with me and my life. It is a little scary to have this person lurking, and bullying me and my family from the cyber shadows.

Anyway - it is all positive albeit still ongoing when I thought it would be finished by the end of the year.

Thank you for your ongoing thoughts and prayers on my behalf.

~Sharon Stephens