Sunday, December 19, 2010

UPDATE" Thomas Goldstein's District Attorney Lawsuit

UPDATE:  August 2010 the city of Long Beach paid out an $8 million settlement in a case alleging prosecutorial misconduct brought by Thomas Goldstein. Rebecca Cathcart, Wrongfully Convicted Man Gets $7.95 Million Settlement, N.Y. Times, Rebecca Cathcart, Aug. 12, 2010. 

Goldstein, who was convicted of a 1979 murder in Long Beach, spent 24 years in prison before being released after a federal judge ruled that Los Angeles County prosecutors withheld evidence of deals with a jailhouse informant and failed to correct perjured testimony.

Goldstein sued the prosecution, 
Long Beach police officers and the City of Long Beach,asserting that former Los Angeles County district attorney John Van De Kamp and his chief deputy failed to adequately train and supervise their deputies on their obligations relating to informants and failed to establish a system that would have facilitated information-sharing among deputy prosecutors.  
Although the Supreme Court rejected Goldstein’s argument 
and expanded the prosecutorial actions covered by absolute immunity to activities that cast them “in the role of an administrator or investigative officer rather than that of advocate,” Van de Kamp, 129 S.Ct. 855 at 861

Goldstein was permitted to pursue his lawsuit against 
Long Beach, resulting in the settlement.