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There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law, and with the colors of justice ...
- U.S. v. Jannotti, 673 F.2d 578, 614 (3d Cir. 1982)

Penal Code 832.5. (a) (1) Each department or agency in this state that employs peace officers shall establish a procedure to investigate complaints by members of the public against the personnel of these departments or agencies, and shall make a written description of the procedure available to the public. (2) Each department or agency that employs custodial officers, as defined in Section 831.5, may establish a procedure to investigate complaints by members of the public against those custodial officers employed by these departments or agencies, provided however, that any procedure so established shall comply with the provisions of this section and with the provisions of Section 832.7. (b) Complaints and any reports or findings relating to these complaints shall be retained for a period of at least five years.

This complaint is made against Cathedral City California Police Department, and all mentioned police officers, and with the intent to make a companion report to The U.S. Department of Justice; Special Litigation Section P.O. Box 66400 Washington, D.C. 20035-6400, and call a Grand Jury for misconduct, abuse under color of law, and possible RICO charges.

On FEBRUARY 2, 2004 I make a request to Judy Williams, Administrative Secretary to Chief Stan Henry and ask to make a complaint and request an investigation regarding two officers, believed to be Sergeant Charles Robinson, and Captain Kevin Connor and their approaching the Office of Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia and slandering me to the point that Garcia's aide, Mary Brhel, [married to ex-Deputy District Attorney Martin Brhel) put me on a "threat list" in Sacramento.

FEBRUARY 3 2004, Cathedral City Police Department began a conspiratorial, covert and clandestine "investigation" against me headed by, Chief Stan Henry, officers Charles Robinson, Judy Williams, Mellisa Holcomb, and Danielle Pascual , City Attorney, Kendell Berkey, with the help of Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, Riverside County Deputy District Attorney Charles Gianguzi, Desert Sun journalist, Cindy Uken, and, the criminally- minded board of directors in Shadow Crest Homeowners Association, Inc. As a result, a void on the face restraining order INC 043437 - ROBINSON et al v. STEPHENS Riverside County Superior Court, Indio, CA. was issued as I did not have the understanding of how to fight such an order, and consequently it resulted in $100,000 legal fees, the loss of my home and over a year incarcerated in Riverside County Jail, in 24 hour a day solitary confinement.

This sham investigation against me proved nothing!

THE PROOF of conspiracy is written in the 65 page Memorandum of Costs.
THE PROOF of the void on the face restraining order is documented in the law of the State of California.

BACKGROUND: My experience started with the Cathedral City Police Department in the late 1990s, when they asked me to help catch members of a well-known drug gang family who had moved into our neighborhood, Shadowcrest Homeowners Association, by writing down license plate numbers when they came to buy drugs from the house across the street from me. The family was related to a Shadow Crest board member, John Weiser, and consequently, we received no help from the board.

We were told by Officer Glenn Haas that we very much needed a Neighborhood Watch, as he knew the Riddle family and their many crimes which included attempted murder, abuse of a minor child, and suspected arson.

However, when several members of the association met at the office of association attorney Wayne Guralnick to discuss the situation Officer Haas sold us all out. The board members made it clear they didn't want a Neighborhood Watch and when the discussion began the board president rhetorically asked Officer Haas, "We don't really need a Neighborhood Watch do we?" Haas answered "No, not really."

All of us were shocked! Haas had definitely sold us out!

I wrote a complaint to CCPD regarding the behavior of Glenn Haas.My complaint was never answered by the Cathedral City Police Department.

A private attorney, whom I approached for advice told me, "You complained about the 'Boy's Club' and they will get you!" And, they certainly have .

It wasn't too long before I was on a "hit list" of sorts, and the police turned on me, refusing to come -- even when these drug people threatened our lives.

The police began calling this drug problem a "neighborhood dispute," demonizing me, calling me a liar, and telling everyone I was "crazy."

It took a while, but after calling Eddie Riddle's probation officer, he was finally caught, twice with drugs and weapons, and then after a burglary, prosecuted and sent to prison.

But the trial with these people wasn't over. Eddie's mother, Lollita had threatened to "get me" for her son's incarceration, and about a year later she made a false police report , with the help of Officer Earl Moss, stating I had brandished a gun on her. I appeared in court as a pro per, in a four-day criminal jury trial INM 089407, People v Stephens, Riverside County Superior Court, Indio, California, and won against the Cathedral City police, and, the Riverside County District Attorney.

I would NEVER AGAIN receive any help from Cathedral City Police Department, or the Riverside County District Attorney.

ALL of my complaints have been ignored!I have been falsely arrested, battered while in custody, refused medical treatment while locked in the back of a police car, and had my reputation and name ruined, and even libeled in newspapers such as the Desert Sun with the help of the police and city attorney.

Once you are labeled with these things, it is almost impossible to overcome them. People want to believe police officers, so the police have a great advantage when they decide to railroad someone. Few people want to believe the police are corrupt.

Everything was quiet until a new board came in to Shadow Crest and five women began having problems with the board, and the police refused to help us because of their old vendetta against me. They refused to write any police reports for us, even when James Hooten, association board president pulled what looked like a gun on a group of small children, and three of these men harassed a women and her children so badly her children ended up in counseling -- they even tried to hang her dog from her gate. Officer Laura Hanlon came to my home and met with the women and told them they could do nothing because they had waited two days to report the incident. Three women moved because of the board members harassment.

I went before the Cathedral City, City Council several times to speak about homeowner association problems and to complain about the police department. I did not know at the time that George Stettler, Mayor, was also the Shadow Crest Homeowner Association's insurance agent with State Farm, and therefore in close contact with association attorneys, Ron Green, Brian Moreno, and Jeffery French, of Duke Gerstel and Shearer, as well as the board of directors and management company. He, of course would offer no help!

When Cathedral City Police Sergeant, Dave Hatfield, an old nemesis with a grudge for the complaints I had made against him, was called one morning after association board member, Kent Robbins threatened my life and raised his fist to me. Robbins lied, and Hatfield locked me in a police car where I went into angina could not breath, and later had to be transported to a hospital. I made a complaint.

Several days later I was called in to what was purported to be an investigation into this incident. It was only a ruse. Sergeant Charles Robinson and Captain Kevin Connor, who had refused me help many times in the past with the drug people, conducted the interview and provided no help, nor did they document the interview. Kent Robbinson went into court and was issued a void on the face restraining order, and them went on to again batter me, and committing provable perjury, as is documented by hospital staff in ROBBINS v STEPHENS INC 040482, Riverside Superior Court, Indio, CA. I of course received no help from CCPD and was not even allowed a police report.

On that same morning I I had an appointment at the Office of Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, to speak to the problems of homeowner associations. (I am the founder of HOA VOICE COALITION, and trying to get some support to change some of the laws that encumber people in associations.) We had a good discussion; she congratulated me on being an advocate, and gave me a bouquet of flowers when I left. She said she would call me in a couple of days.

Three days later she called me to report that two Cathedral City officers had been to visit her and had told her such terrible things about me that she had put me on a "Threat List" in Sacramento. That meant I was the next thing to a terrorist, and could not attend any meetings in Sacramento regarding homeowner problems. She hung up the phone, refusing to tell me the names of the officers. Later, her story would be confirmed when her Chief of Staff, Richard Harmon told Madeline Patterson the same thing.

In retrospect, I can see that the police thought I was going to talk about them, and they took it upon themselves to discredit me so that I would not be believed.

I immediately called Judy Williams, the Cathedral City Administrative Secretary to Chief Stan Henry, and demanded an investigation. She hung up on me.

Then I went to City Council, where only one member, Bud England agreed there needed to be an investigation into the two officers. However, the investigation never happened, and, has never happened to this day.

What was happening, behind my back, on the very next day, February 3, 2004 after I called and demanded an investigation, was the beginning of a conspiratorial "investigation" against me with Deputy City Attorney, Kendall Berkey, Chief Stan Henry, Captain Kevin Connor, Captain Holcomb, and Sergeant Charles Robinson, all trying to prove I was making a false police report, that I was "crazy" and, was calling paramedics for false heart problems.

In fact, in June 2002, I had a triple by-pass, and then continued to suffer with ongoing angina, and had two other heart surgeries in 2005 that saved me from having another heart attack. I still suffer angina under stress, and I have been diagnosed with Delayed Post Traumatic Stress.

I didn't know what attorney Berkey and the police were doing at this time, of course, but once I received Kendall Berkey's 65 page Memorandum of Costs for $65,000 in October 2004, I saw that February 3, 2004 was the very day their conspiracy against me began.They were going to make sure that there was never going to be an investigation into the Bonnie Garcia event, and those officers were never going to be caught.

When I received the Memorandum of Costs from Kendal Berkey, she had documented the names of every person she conspired with over several months, racking up more and more money each day, but proving nothing against me. Soon, this bogus investigation, that proved nothing but an entangled conspiracy, came to a cost of $65,000.

I was never contacted once for my side of whatever they were investigating.

I threatened a lawsuit!

On February 11, 2004, Attorney Berkey had me served with a bogus TRO, authorized by Cheif Stan Henry. It never went through the courts, which is illegal, particularly for an attorney, and, all police officers were told not to take any calls from me, or even to talk to me. Yes, that information in the Memo of Costs.

In other words they were not allowing me my right to make either police reports or complaints, not even taking any phone calls.

Sergeant Patton threatened me twice with arrest if I went to the police department to make any reports or complaints.

All of this to protect two police officers.

Then, on February 25, 2004, the one time I happened to catch Secretary, Judy Williams in her office, she said, "The only time we will talk with you is when you have a 911 medical emergency, or someone is killing you. WE will not take any police reports regarding your homeowners association!" and then hung up on me. And so it has been; not only would they not take any police reports for me, but also not for the other women as well that knew me. This is a violation of Penal Code, as well as civil and constitutional rights, and certainly violates the right of equal protection.

Sergeant Hatfield again participated in a false arrest of me at the Annual Homeowners Board Meeting where I and another woman were standing and listening. He did not read the stipulation on the bogus Restraining Order that they could not be enforced in public places.

The Cathedral City police then arrested me twice again, after I was battered by Jose Liceaga, (his own witness stated to the police that he saw me being battered -- the police did nothing!) and once for standing in the public street talking to a gardener. Liceaga had deliberately ran into my car with his truck, in front of a witness, and then kicked me. Again, I was treated as the criminal.

Sergeant Earl Moss said it was because I didn't "act enough like a victim." I wonder if everyone reading this understands that this is the way abusive men treat women; expecting women to behave in a certain way so they will not be beaten up!

The District Attorney told four of us to go to the Cathedral City Police to have them take a report on the embezzlement, extortion, fraud, and RICO, in Shadowcrest HOAm however, the Cathedral City Police Sergeant Earl Moss refused to take a report saying it was a civil matter! NO! all of these are criminal matters, and I suspect Earl Moss is also guilty of conspiracy and collusion with Shadowcrest HOA.

I have continued to try and make a police complaint on the Garcia incident; I have been continually denied a report by Earl Moss, telling me it is "old business."

My name has never been cleared, and I am still on a "threat list" because of what these officers said about me, and until that changes, it is not old business.

The Cathedral City police have been responsible for ruining my name and my reputation all to protect two police officers, which appear to be Sergeant Charles Robinson, and Captain Kevin Connor; the only two officers who knew I was going to the Garcia office that morning.

Even when the problems in my homeowners association became worse and worse, with harassment, batteries, and stalking, all of which the Cathedral City Police Department would do nothing about not for me, nor for other women and their children. The police never gave the women in Shadow Crest equal protection from these male board members.

APRIL 15, 2004: Sergeant Charles Robinson takes all of the board members from Shadow Crest HOA to meet with Deputy District Attorney, Charles Gianguzi, trying to figure a way to get me arrested and in jail. I learn about this when the judge denies all of their requests to arrest me, and I receive the court decisions.

Finally I was just fed up with the police not talking to me, and being put off on making a report. So, I called the number for dispatch, and asked again for a report to be taken. Dispatcher, Danielle Pascual, at the insistence of her Watch Commander, Sergeant Charles Robinson, continued to hang up on me. Every time she would hang up, I would call back. I wasn't keeping count.

Dispatcher Pascual then called, and said, "I am sending over someone to take a police report." I told her I was on my way out the door to go to dinner -- it was the beginning of Passover -- but she said, "Oh, just wait a few minutes to make the police report." I KNEW by intuition what was coming.

What was coming, was Sergeant Charles Robinson, Officer Ernie Vasquez, and another ride-along officer and they arrested me saying I was "making harassing, obscene/threatening calls to 911," which of course was a blatant lie, but it was used to falsely arrest me.

When I later asked for the 911 calls CCPD of course could not produce them. When I asked for the police report, I was not allowed a copy. When I did receive it, months later, a supplement attachment stated I was not calling 911. The calls were made to the phone number that all citizens use to make police reports.However, I was falsely arrested, based on Pascual's false police report, and what can make up for that?

I was then served with a restraining order request from Sergeant Charles Robinson, Dispatcher, Danielle Pascual, Records keeper Melissa Holcomb, and husband of Captain Holcomb, and Secretary to the Chief, Judy Williams. And, on the same day, four months after being in her office, with eight [8] restraining orders from the Office of Bonnie Garcia, and they are all granted on August 3, 2004, in spite of the provable perjury by Danielle Pascual, under oath -- Pascual admitted I was only trying to make a police report, I wasn't calling 911, and that she could take a report over the phone. Judge Hawkins gives the CCPD a restraining order against me calling it a "slippery sloop decision." as I am sure he recognized it was void on the face, even if I did not realize it at the time.

Mary Brhel, with the help of Cathedral City Police Department is granted eight [8] restraining orders against me. She has no witnesses and no police reports to back up her absolutely outrageous lies. ALL of these orders are found to be void, and Commissioner Mike McCoy agrees to dismiss them but I must have Mary Brhel and Richard Harmon served.

Cheif Stan Henry and Deputy City Attorney, Kendall Berkey is well aware her plaintiffs lied in the this false and bogus report and had me falsely arrested, and then made false personal declarations, under penalty of perjury. Both are also aware that Pascual totally changed her story in court, when she admitted under oath that I "was just trying to make a police report, and that she could easily take a report and still do her job."

Cathedral City, and the police have continually used this Restraining Order as a battle-axe, and a sword against me to make sure I make no police complaints, and that the two officers are never investigated.

I have been set up at least three times to be falsely arrested by Sergeant Earl Moss, and I am still not allowed any police complaints.

All of this is "abuse under color of law": Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241Conspiracy Against Rights Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242Deprivation of Rights Under Color of LawTitle 18, U.S.C., Section 245Federally Protected Activities.

I have absolute proof of this conspiracy from Deputy City Attorney, Kendall Berkey's 65 page Memorandum of Costs, in which she names every person she conspired with, proving NOTHING against me, but instead proving her own conspiracy [to save two police officers, at my expense] and for this I have been charged $100,000 and lost my home, in a conspiratorial effort to destroy me.

The City Manager, Don Bradley, and every member of the City Council are just as responsible for allowing this rogue police department to do this thing.

I don't know for sure when I first heard this, but one can tell a society by the way it treats its young and its elderly. In America we seem to treat our young fairly well, for we somewhat worship youth. But the elderly are of little value, and are often left to just exist the best they can, and, Cathedral City, California is certainly on the cutting edge of that neglect of responsibility.


Sharon Stephens
DATE: January 23, 2008