Wednesday, January 9, 2008

POLICE WATCH/ U.S. Civilian Review Board

Cathedral CityPolice Department
68700 Avenida Lalo Guerrero
Cathedral City, CA92234
Fax:(760) 770-0399Phone:(760) 770-0300
Employee #1 Involved : Chief Stan Henry
Employee #2 Involved : Sgt. Charles Robinson

The Cathedral City Police Department personnel, starting with Chief Stan Henry, have been responsible for ruining my physical and mental health, my name and my reputation, stolen $100,000 and my home -- all to protect two police officers. The City Manager, Don Bradley, and every member of the Cathedral City Council are just as responsible for allowing this rogue police department this injustice.

NARRATIVE: I am 66 years old and live on Social Security.I have lost everything and need justice to be done.

Following is a limited Time Line: It shows conspiracy, misdonduct, abuse under color of law, and a void on the face restraining order that was taken out against me to keep me from making police reports and complaints.

There is absolute proof of a criminal conspiracy between Cathedral City Police Department, Riverside County District Attorney, Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, The Cathedral City Attorney, and board members of Shadowcrest Homeowners Association.

The proof is in their 65 page Memorandum of Costs, which corresponds to this Time Line, and is documented in the void on the face restraining order INC 043437 - ROBINSON et al v. STEPHENS (Riverside County Superior Court, Indio, CA). This bogus order was taken out against me, when I asked for an investigation into two police officers, believed to be Sergeant Charles Robinson, and Captain Kevin Connor who slandered and demonized me to the Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia. As a result I have been unconscionably and illegally charged $100,000 in order to destroy me and to protect these two police officers. This is the most unethical and unconscionable thing, under color of law, any person in law enforcement can do.

THE PROOF of conspiracy is written in their own words in their Memorandum of Costs.
THE PROOF of the void on the face restraining order is documented in the law of the State of California.

I was preparing to go into Appeal Court when I was falsely arrested by District Attorney Investigator Twiss while having another void order dismissed in court, and therefore my Appeal was dismissed. However,"an appeal has no effect on a void on the face judgment" so I ought to still be able to take this into court and have it dismissed and have my money returned to me.
An appeal will not prevent the court from at any time lopping off what has been termed a dead limb on the judicial tree -- a void order. MacMillan Petroleum Corp. v. Griffin (1950) 99 Cal. App. 2d 523, 533 [222 P.2d 69]; accord:People v. West Coast Shows, Inc. (1970) 10 Cal. App. 3d 462, 467 [89 Cal. Rptr. 290]; Svistunoff v. Svistunoff (1952) 108 Cal. App. 2d 638, 641-642 [239 P.2d 650]; and see: 6 Witkin, Cal. Procedure (2d ed. 1971) Appeal, § 7, pp. 4024-4025.)

From my NOTES: I put together the following limited Time Line to correspond to the Memorandum of Costs . There is a more complete one in the case file in court:

JAN 29, 2004: I am called into Cathedral City Police for an "investigation” into a false police report and arrest being conducted by Sergeant Charles Robinson and Captain Kevin Connor, who had refused me help many times in the past with the drug people in my homeowner association. I told them I had an appointment that same morning at the Office of Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia, which is next door to the police department, I kept that appointment with Mary Brhel, [married to ex-Deputy District Attorney Martin Brhel) aide to Garcia, and spoke of the problems in homeowner associations, trying to gain support to change some of the laws that encumber people. We had a good discussion; she complimented me on being an advocate, and gave me a bouquet of flowers when I left. She said she would call me in a couple of days.

FEB 2, 2004: Mary Brhel did call. She tells me two Cathedral City officershad been in to visit her and had told her such terrible things about me that she had put me on a ‘Threat List’ in Sacramento, and then hung up on me, refusing to tell me the names of the police officers. That meant I was now considered the next thing to a terrorist, and could not attend any meetings in Sacramento regarding homeowner problems. Later, her story would be confirmed when her Chief of Staff, Richard Harmon told another Homeowner Advocate, Madeline Patterson, the same thing. In retrospect, I can see that the police thought I was going to talk about them, and they took it upon themselves to discredit, and demonize me so that I would not be believed.

FEB 2, 2004: I immediately called Judy Williams, the Cathedral City Administrative Secretary to Chief Stan Henry, and requested an investigation. She hung up on me.

FEB 3 2004: What was happening, secretly, behind my back: The very next day, after I called and requested an investigation into the two officers who went to the Garcia Office, was the beginning of a provable conspiratorial “investigation” against me with The City of Cathedral City, Cathedral City Police Department, Chief Stan Henry, Captain Kevin Connor, Captain Holcomb, Sergeant Charles Robinson, and Assistant City Attorneys, Kendall Berkey and William Medlan, who started a Memorandum of Costs, all trying to make it seem I was making a false police report, that I was "crazy" (I didn't find this out until October 2004)

I also went to City Council, where only one member, Bud England agreed there needed to be an investigation into the two officers. However, the investigation never happened, and, has never happened to this day.

FEB 11, 2004: Cathedral City Police Chief, Stan Henry had me served with a bogus TRO, that never went through the courts, (abuse of process). And, as is documented in the Memorandum of Costs, all police officers were told by Captain John Holcomb not to take any calls from me, or even to talk to me. They were then behaving as though there was a “real”TRO against me. Yes, that information is in the Memorandum of Costs. In other words they were not allowing me to make either police reports or complaints, and not even taking any phone calls from me. Sergeant Patton threatened me twice with arrest if I went to the police department to make any reports or complaints. When I made a complaint by mail it was ignored by Chief Stan Henry.
All of this to protect two police officers!

FEB 25, 2004: The one time I happened to catch Secretary, Judy Williams in her office, she said, The only time we will talk with you is when you have a 911 medical emergency, or someone is killing you. WE will not take any police reports regarding your homeowner's association! and then hung up on me. This has proved to be true to this day. I later learned in the Memorandum of Costs that they had conspired against me with the Shadow Crest Homeowners Association board members, and Mary Brhel.

Four [4] months after being to the Garcia Office, Mary Brhel, files for, and is granted eight [8] bogus, void on the face restraining orders, (Case INC 043179 ) Riverside County Superior Court, Indio, CA for which she had no witnesses and no police reports to back up her absolutely outrageous lies. Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia allowed for this to happen, never once speaking to me as to whether it was true. (As docmented in Memorandum of Cost, Ms. Brhel is provably coached by Attorney, Kendell Berkey to file at the same time as Robinson files against me.)
Commissioner J.M. McCoy, in Riverside Superior Court, Indio has agreed to drop this void on the face restraining order if I have Mary Brhel and Richard Harmon properly served, and I am working on doing that.
Assistant Cathedral City Attorney, Kendall Berkey has provable, through subordination of perjury, conspired with Mary Brhel to file these eight bogus restraining orders against me -- four [4] month after I had been to the Garcia Office. It is documented in the Memorandum of Costs, and in court records.
Penal Code 127. Every person who willfully procures another person to commit perjury is guilty of subornation of perjury, and is punishable in the same manner as he would be if personally guilty of the perjury so procured.
Also recorded:Berkey's communication with Desert Sun newspaper reporter,Cindy Uken who writes a totally libelous article against me. {SEE: my posted blog article by Cindy Uken)
APRIL 5 2004 Finally I was just fed up with the police not talking to me, and being put off on making a report. So, I called the number for dispatch, and asked again for a report to be taken. Dispatcher, Danielle Pascual, at the insistence of her Watch Commander, Sergeant Charles Robinson, continued to hang up on me. Every time she would hang up, I would call back. I wasn't keeping count , but it was about 30 times.
Sergeant Charles Robinson, arrests me saying I was making harassing, obscene/threatening calls to 911, [I never called 911] which was a blatant lie, but it was used to falsely arrest me.
Even if I had of called 911:
Penal Code 653m. (a) Nothing in this subdivision shall apply to telephone calls or electronic contacts made in good faith [such as making a police report]
Penal Code 653 y. Calling 911 is an infraction, and no one is arrested.
When I later made a request for the 911 tapes Cathedral City Police, of course could not produce them. When I asked for the police report on this inciedednt, I was not allowed to have it until July 2005 and then the report was changed to show I was not making harassing phone calls.
In court, under oath, Dispatcher, Danielle Pascual did admit I was only trying to make a police report, [being the victim of two officers who went to the Office of Bonnie Garcia] and she told the judge she was capable of taking police reports on the phone.
APRIL15, 2004: Sergeant Charles Robinson took all of the HOA board members from Shadow Crest Homeowners Associatin to meet with Riverside County, Deputy District Attorney, Charles Gianguzi, trying to get me arrested, and in jail, using my HOA members -- all of whom had lied to get void on the face Restraining Orders against me to keep me out of Board Meetings, because I began to speak out about the crimes I had learned of in the association. --I learned of this covert meeting, and the CCPD/ DA plot when I was served with orders that I had violated court orders.
The judge denied all of their requests to arrest me; I received the court decisions in the mail.
MAY 28, 2004: I am served with a TRO and restraining order request from Sergeant Charles Robinson, Dispatcher, Danielle Pascual, Records keeper Melissa Holcomb, wife of Captain Holcomb, and Secretary to the Chief, Judy Williams. On the same day I am served with eight [8] restraining orders from the Office of Assemblywomen Bonnie Garcia, four months after I was in her office; all are granted.
AUGUST 3, 2004. In spite of the provable perjury by Danielle Pascual, in particular, under oath, Judge Hawkins gives the CCPD what turns out to be a void on the face restraining order he calls a slippery sloop decision. (The false police report is never introduced into the case, and CCPD still refused to give me a copy.)
When I finally received the Memorandum of Costs from The Cathedral City, City Attorney, Kendall Berkey she had documented the events and names of every person the Cathedral City Police Department, and Cathedral City Council had conspired with over several months, racking up more and more money each day, but proving nothing against me. Soon, this bogus investigation, that proved NOTHING but their own entangled conspiracy with a cost of 100,000 is collected while I am incarcerated in June of 2006.
Cathedral City continually used this bogus Restraining Order as a battle-axe against me to make sure I got no police reports on these incidents, and guaranteeig the two officers will never be investigated; I am still not allowed any police reports.
All I had asked for was that the police to do their job and investigate the event at the Garcia Office, and, to treat women fairly in Shadow Crest Homeowner Association.
Title 18, U.S.C., Section 241Conspiracy Against Rights Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242Deprivation of Rights Under Color of LawTitle 18, U.S.C., Section 245 Federally Protected Activities
NOTE: Twenty-seven [27] Cathedral City Police Officers filed, and won against Chief Stan Henry and his administration for violations of civil and constitutional rights as well as labor problems, so, this administration is well versed in abuses of rights. FEDERAL COURT EDCV 02-965, CV 04 02931
NOTE: There is a very similar case to mine that was won in court, on an appeal, as the judgment was void on the face for not meeting statutory criteria: CALIFORNIA HIGHWAY PATROL, Plaintiff and Respondent, v. Pamela J. SORGES, Defendant and Appellant. Cal.App. 4 Dist., June 11, 2004 [E033692]; APPEAL from the Superior Court of Riverside County. Bambi J. Moyer, Temporary Judge. Pursuant to Cal. Const., art. VI, § 21.) Reversed with directions. Pamela J. Sorges, in pro. per., for Defendant and Appellant. Bill Lockyer, Attorney General, Dennis W. Dawson, Supervising Deputy Attorney General, and David M. Tiede, Deputy Attorney General, for Plaintiff and Respondent. OPINION McKINSTER.