Friday, January 18, 2008


Cathedral City! Keep on Keeping on

August 24. 2006
By, JEFF MILLER, ex-Cathedral City Police Officer
filed under CA, Cathedral City PD.
Hi Steve,

It's been awhile since we spoke and I am glad you're still fighting the battle. Feel free to post this message in your guest book. If you recall, I was with Cathedral City PD. After our police union filed a massive Federal lawsuit against our Chief (Stan Henry) , Captain John Holcomb and a few more of his puppet command staff, he (the Chief) went on a Retaliation hit-a-thon!

The 36 page Federal lawsuit [FEDERAL COURT EDCV 02-965, CV 04 02931] was about violations made by the Chief and his staff regarding many issues. Just to name a few for example:
1. Promotions were not handled properly
2. Discipline was inconsistent
3. Programs that were implemented were never followed through in the proper order.
4. Civil Rights violations incurred by individual officers by staff
5. Retaliation by the Chief that violated not only civil rights but violated Federal laws.

Needless to say, I was on the POA [Police Officers Association] board so I was on his target list.

Without going into detail here (its in my book) the Chief attempted to trash me. He spent in excess of $50,000.00 dollars just on the initiating of an internal investigation against me!

After the Riverside County DA'S office rejected a Criminal report sent by the Chief against me, he decided to send it all the way to the Attorney General office. In the report the Chief was charging that I accessed CLETS (CRIMINAL COMPUTER BASED INFO) to run friends of mine for profit and gain. A complete audit of the CLETS system did not show any evidence of anything. The AG and DA'S office told the Chief straight out that there is no crime and no charges can be brought down.

Then the Chief had summoned the assistance of the DA investigators from Riverside County. A search warrant was written for my computer as they thought it contained info that would implicate me having criminal involvement of some kind. I ended up being able to read this search warrant and will tell you it was filled with so many lies it was pathetic. It gets more pathetic then this however.

I will say that I received a medical retirement and was able to get the hell out of that place.

Oh, my Workman's comp settlement finally was agreed upon with strings attached... only if I agreed that I would not sue the City or police department or individuals for anything regarding the IA.

Unreal, in order for me to obtain a end to my situation and obtain what was rightly due me, I had to sign an agreement that basically let them off the hook.

So, not trusting any of the staff at that PD, I had them sign the very same thing to protect myself because if they can lie and get a judge to sign off on a search warrant for an officers computers ip address then they can and will try anything.

The law enforcement field is full of these kind of people and a large percentage of these idiots are in management positions.

My book should be out in print the first of the year. I'll even sign my name to this because I know the brass at CCPD looks at this just out of guilt.

Keep going strong Steve and contact me as I have some info for you regarding a position you may be interested in looking into.


Jeff Miller