Thursday, January 10, 2008


As Posted on
June 29, 2005

The Cathedral City Police Department and City Refuse To Take Reports On Crimes in Homeowner Associations. The following is a letter sent to the Cathedral City Manager's Office and the City Manager, City of Cathedral City, California. It was never answered.

Attention Terry McKeating:

This morning I received a phone message from Julie Lowery, a Deputy District Attorney who handles Real Estate Fraud in the Riverside County District Attorney's Office, Riverside, CA., a part of Special Prosecutions. Ms. Lowery made it clear, as has Deputy District Attorney, Richard West in the same office, and, Investigator Jim Baine in the Indio District Attorney's Office: A POLICE REPORT MUST BE FILED FIRST!

Judy Williams, Secretary to Chief Stan Henry, CCPD told me a year ago February, "We will file no police reports against your homeowners association, Shadow Crest!!!" And, that has proved true -- not one of us women, who have been stalked, harassed, battered, etc. have been able to get a police officer to make a report for us. It is all documented. So, we don't want to talk to Judy Williams!

Four of us went in to meet with Sergeant, Earl Moss, with all of the paper work ,accounts, etc. and law that shows how money is be taken out, and how Shadow Crest has not followed that law. Nor have they repaid any of the money, and there has been no forensic audit to show where the money went.

I went in to see Sergeant Moss personally, and out of this came another false arrest. Unfortunatley, Sergeant Moss has not the slightest idea of Penal Code, and certainly not of Corporations Code which clearly points out what is "criminal embezzlement, extortion, RICO, mail fraud, and perjurious felonies, that are punishable under Penal Code." So, we don't want to talk to Earl Moss!

Now, when Sergeant Laura Hanlon was still working with the women of Shadow Crest, our homeowners association, she had an officer take a report, however he wrote it wrong and it was returned to CCPD to be correctly written. This is when Jim Baine told me; "go back to CCPD and have them rewrite it correctly!",

Then, there was the whole fiasco with Sergeant Charles Robinson, where he pretended to be helping me, and said he took all of the information for a report, i.e., in other words, he was only protecting himself and not taking a report at all.


WE want to talk to Sergeant Laura Hanlon!

I have spoken with the FBI -- who knows this is nothing but a vendetta by CCPD, and are shocked that I am being charged a $65,000 cost for CCPD's PROVABLE CONSPIRACY -- a conspiracy that proves nothing but their own conspiracy with City Council, Assemblywoman, Bonnie Garcia, and others in Cathedral City.

I have a letter from the Attorney General that states: "If there is embezzlement or extortion in your HOA go to the local District Attorney." However, the District Attorney -- all of them -- have said we "need to go to the police to make a report."

I spoke with an attorney in the Public Defender's Office yesterday who reviewed my case, and said, "THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN A VENDETTA BY THE POLICE!" He is absolutely correct, and this is a violation of my civil and constitutional rights, for which we are filing a lawsuit.

1. I want a police report on the crimes committed by Shadow Crest attorneys, the board of directors and the Management people.
2. I want something done about the false arrests made by Danielle Pascual, and Sergeant "Chuck" Robinson.
3. I want this bogus $65,000 lien on my home withdrawn.

The attorney I spoke with immediately saw that it was an "investigation" done to ruin me and my family, out of a vendetta by Chief, Stan Henry, Earl Moss, Judy Williams, Sergeant Robinson, Captains: Connor, Holcomb, and The Hatfields, etc.

Please do get back to me as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Sharon Stephens
Shadow Crest Homeowners Association
Cathedral City, Calfornia